Positive Relationships

We all have a variety of relationships in our lives, including family, friends colleagues and many more. The way we connect and interact with others can have a very significant impact on our lives in a wide range of areas.

Impact of Positive Relationships

Research shows that the way we manage our key relationships influences

  • The quality of our health
  • Our levels of stress
  • How long we live
  • Our level of self-esteem and
  • The success we achieve in life

This programme looks at how to build and maintain quality relationships with family, friends and colleagues/clients and to avoid or resolve conflicts.

Objectives of Positive Relationships Programme

At the end of the programme participants will

  • Recognise the importance of roles and relationships in their work/home lives
  • Know how to develop and maintain trust in relationships.
  • Know the different ways to create a positive rapport with other.
  • Be able to create win-win solutions when interacting with others.
  • Understand the reasons for conflicts that arise.
  • Know how to resolve conflicts with other.

This programme is for anybody who wishes to improve their confidence when interacting with others or who wants to enhance and develop strong positive relationships with the key people in their work/personal lives.

The programme is run over 1 to 2 days depending on the specific requirements of each client and the final content agreed.