Resilience and Managing Stress

Developing resilience and managing stress are key elements in positive mental health and well-being. All of us will encounter setbacks, failures and disappointments in life at some stage. Emotional resilience is being able to bounce back or recover from the various challenges that we face no matter how difficult they may appear at first.

Resilience is a skill which can be developed, rather than a specific inbuilt disposition. Although we may start off with different levels of resilience we can enhance these levels significantly through skill development and practise, and therefore learn to become more resilient.

The session can be tailored for each group. Some of the main topics covered are as follows:

Negative Self-Talk

The language we use to describe negative events in our lives can have a significant impact on how these events make us feel and the steps we might take to deal with these situations. This session looks at how we can change our negative self-talk to deal more effectively with challenges, both small and large, that can arise in our lives.

Developing Persistence

Very often we give up too quickly when trying to achieve our key goals or when looking to overcome challenges in life. When we develop persistence we will build our resilience, reduce our stress and deal more effectively with any difficulties that we may face. The more situations that we overcome with persistence the easier we will find it to persist in the future.

Learned Helplessness

Very often when we make a mistake or fail in a particular area of our lives we overlearn from this event and develop a negative belief about ourselves and our abilities, that are simply not true. This is known as “Learned Helplessness”. We explore the concept of Learned Helplessness and how to recognise when this is happening to us so that we can take action to overcome it in future.

The ABCD model

This model helps us understand that it is our beliefs about a challenge or adversity in our life that dictates how we feel rather than the adversity itself. We look at how we can significantly reduce the stress and other impacts of any challenges we face, by changing our thoughts and beliefs that we have about this particular challenge and explain how this can be done.

Mick Rock’s presentation was highly motivational and involved discussing several diverse situations where we could take the best approach for our work and personal lives The presentation was very clear and we were given great examples to assist us in learning different motivational skills and techniques. Mick had a wonderful rapport with the audience. Thank you so much for a very engaging presentation.

Freydee Karina Rondon, Senior Treasury Analyst, Aon

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