Mick Rock – Profile

Photo of Mick RockMick Rock is an Executive and Life Coach, Trainer and Motivational Speaker based in Dublin. He is extremely passionate about his role in helping hundreds of people to enhance their well-being and happiness and to achieve success with a wide variety of goals. Mick holds an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology. 

Mick is the co-author of a new Positive Psychology programme for Primary Schools called Weaving Well-Being. This is a comprehensive mental health and well-being programme for Primary Schools which he has co-authored with Fiona Forman, a Primary School Teacher. Many schools across the country are now using this programme. It is now available for purchase at our publisher’s website www.otb.ie.

Mick regularly delivers motivational talks, seminars and training programmes to both small and large groups on topics relating to the field of happiness, wellbeing and success. These sessions, include a variety of validated tools and techniques from the field of positive psychology. They consistently receive highly positive feedback. To see a sample of these reviews you can go to our Client Feedback pages. He also coaches clients on a one-to-one basis to help them achieve a wide variety of goals.

Mick completed a three year MSc in Applied Positive Psychology with the University of East London (with distinction). He already holds a range of other relevant professional qualifications such as a diploma in Executive Business and Life Coaching. He is an Internationally Certified user of Thomas International’s Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) and its related instruments. Before setting up Act Now he held various management roles including 5 years as Training and Development Manager within the financial services sector.

Mick has won a variety of speaking contests over the years. He has won his Toastmaster’s Division Contest in both of the last 2 years which qualified him to compete in the Toastmasters District Final of their International Speech Contest against the top 12 speakers in Ireland and the UK. He previously reached this level in the Toastmaster’s Humorous Speech Contest.

Here is a short video of Mick Rock talking about some of the work he has done with his clients. He discusses how the tools and techniques he has used have been adapted to help children in Primary Schools through the Weaving Well-Being Programme. You can check out our dedicated website for this product at weavingwellbeing.com. for more details on this programme.