Winning Attitudes and Beliefs

Our beliefs have a very powerful impact on how we feel, the actions we take and the happiness and success we achieve in both life and business. In this session, Mick explores the origin of our self-beliefs and the role they play in our lives each day. He looks at common limiting self-beliefs that prevent people from achieving their true potential. He also introduces a variety of tools and positive psychology interventions that can transform the way people think and feel about themselves and the challenges they face.

Although the session is tailored for each group the main topics included are as follows:

Empowering Self-Beliefs

The beliefs we hold have a very powerful impact on our personal happiness and on whether we achieve our true potential. The session looks are what beliefs are, the origin of our beliefs and their impact on our happiness and success. We also look at examples of common limiting beliefs and how we can develop empowering beliefs

Growth v Fixed Mindsets

A person with a Fixed Mindset believes that their basic abilities, talents and intelligence are fixed traits. On the other hand, a person with a Growth Mindset understands that all of these areas can be developed and enhanced through effort, practice and persistence. Most people have elements of both but lean more towards one or the other. Developing a Growth Mindset in more areas of your life is shown to help you take more responsibility for your life, deal better with setbacks, develop greater confidence and even lower your risk of depression.

Change Your Focus

What we habitually focus on in our lives can have a significant impact on our well-being and on the successes we achieve throughout our lives. For example, a person who continually focuses on what is wrong in their lives and what they have done wrong in the past will have a very different experience of life compared to a person with similar experiences who is able to focus on what is good about their lives and what they do well. This session helps you understand the power of focus and gives you a specific tool that can transform the way you think about your life.

Self Efficacy

Self-Efficacy can be defined as the belief a person has that they can reach their goals or a desired outcome. The belief that you are capable of achieving your goals can significantly increase the chance of being successful. One of the key factors in the development of self-efficacy is through our own direct experiences of trying to master our environment. Self-efficacy beliefs are one of the core components of well-being. Research has shown that people with high self-efficacy show greater resilience and reduced vulnerability to depression. The session discusses tools that are very beneficial in building self-efficacy.

Self EfficacyThe ultimate objective of the Winning Attitudes and Beliefs session is to help participants to effectively enhance their confidence and self-efficacy and to increase their well-being and success. Research has also shown that developing empowering self-beliefs can lead to a wide range of other benefits such as more positive relationships in your lives. They can motivate and encourage individuals to take action, to persevere and to deal positively with failure.

Mick Rock presented an empowerment session to circa 50 staff in AIB. Over 80% of staff agreed it was the best session of the day. To sum up the feedback we received in five words; the session was described as Informative, Interesting, Energetic, Beneficial and Motivating. We look forward to working with Mick again in the future”.

Selene Conway, Internal Communications Co-ordinator, Allied Irish Banks

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