Mick Rock coaches individuals to create greater success in key areas of their business or personal lives and to enhance their levels of happiness and well-being. This is achieved on a one to one basis through the use of powerful coaching tools and techniques and through evidence-based positive psychology interventions.

Some of the most common challenges which we coach our clients to success with are as follows:

Stress Management and Resilience

For people who are finding their personal or wok life (or both) stressful. Developing resilience and managing stress are key elements in positive mental health and well-being and also in achieving greater success.  All of us will encounter setbacks, failures and disappointments in life at some stage. Emotional resilience is being able to bounce back or recover from the various challenges that we face no matter how difficult they may appear at first. Resilience is a skill which can be developed, rather than a specific inbuilt disposition. Although we may start off with different levels of resilience we can enhance these levels significantly through skill development and practise, and therefore learn to become more resilient.In these sessions we identify ways to help them manage this stress and build resilience to cope more effectively with future challenges they may face.

Performance at work

These sessions can help you if you are facing performance management issues at work or would like to enhance your performance to significantly increase your prospects for career progression. A key area explored in these sessions is how to identify and understand the key priorities and objectives of your role and how to use your time more effectively to focus on these key areas. Managing any stress that may exist as part of the pressures on performance management can also be covered. Any skill deficiencies can also be highlighted in this process and these can be enhanced, both within the coaching relationship and as part of an ongoing action plan to further develop the key skills required for success.

Career Change

For people who are considering changing career, these sessions can give them clarity on the future role they would like to attain. We also support them in key areas such as the development of their CV, identifying suitable roles and preparation for their interview. The sessions can also help the transition into their new role after they have been successful.

Empowering Self-Beliefs

For people who are looking to enhance their confidence, self-belief or deal with a variety of fears or limiting beliefs that may be blocking them from achieving their true potential in their work or home life. These sessions can focus on helping you identify your limiting beliefs and how to break through them to transform your life. They will also help you become clearer about your strengths and how to use them to further enhance your confidence and self-belief.

Development of Personal and Inter-personal Skills

In addition to our training programmes for groups, we also work with individuals on a one to one basis to develop and enhance important life or business skills. Some of the skills developed as part of this process include time management -in particular identifying and prioritising your key goals, strengthening personal and business relationships and managing conflicts that arise, presentation skills and for people managers coaching and mentoring skills for staff development.

Here is a short video testimonial from Fiona Fay, one of our many individual coaching clients.

Written reviews from a sample of our coaching clients can be found by clicking here.