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Motivational Talks

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Programme for Schools – Weaving Well-Being
Programme for Schools – Weaving Well-Being

Positive Mental Health for Children

Motivational Talks

Mick regularly delivers motivational talks designed to enhance the happiness and success of participants. Some of his most popular topics include “Empowering Self-beliefs”, “Building Resilience”, “Positive Relationships” and “Positive Psychology For Life”. His sessions, which...
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Mick Rock coaches individuals to create greater success in key areas of their business or personal lives and to enhance their levels of happiness and well-being. This is achieved on a one to one basis...
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Training Courses

Act Now offers a range of high quality training courses to organisations which can provide employees with a range of skills that will enhance their effectiveness considerably in both their home and work life or...
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Well-being in Schools

Mick Rock is co-author of a new positive mental health programme for Primary Schools called Weaving Well-Being. This is the first Irish designed programme of its kind which aims to enhance wellbeing in children aged from...
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Mick Rock – Profile

Photo of Mick RockMick Rock is an Executive and Life Coach, Trainer and Motivational Speaker based in Dublin. He is extremely passionate about his role in helping hundreds of people to enhance their well-being and happiness and to achieve success with a wide variety of goals. Mick holds an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology. 

Mick is the co-author of a new Positive Psychology programme for Primary Schools called Weaving Well-Being. This is a comprehensive mental health and well-being programme for Primary Schools which he has co-authored with Fiona Forman, a Primary School Teacher. Many schools across the country are now using this programme. It is now available for purchase at our publisher’s website

Mick regularly delivers motivational talks, seminars and training programmes to both small and large groups on topics relating to the field of happiness, wellbeing and success. These sessions, include a variety of validated tools and techniques from the field of positive psychology. They consistently receive highly positive feedback. To see a sample of these reviews you can go to our Client Feedback pages. He also coaches clients on a one-to-one basis to help them achieve a wide variety of goals.

Mick completed a three year MSc in Applied Positive Psychology with the University of East London (with distinction). He already holds a range of other relevant professional qualifications such as a diploma in Executive Business and Life Coaching. He is an Internationally Certified user of Thomas International’s Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) and its related instruments. Before setting up Act Now he held various management roles including 5 years as Training and Development Manager within the financial services sector.

Mick has won a variety of speaking contests over the years. He has won his Toastmaster’s Division Contest in both of the last 2 years which qualified him to compete in the Toastmasters District Final of their International Speech Contest against the top 12 speakers in Ireland and the UK. He previously reached this level in the Toastmaster’s Humorous Speech Contest.

Here is a short video of Mick Rock talking about some of the work he has done with his clients. He discusses how the tools and techniques he has used have been adapted to help children in Primary Schools through the Weaving Well-Being Programme. You can check out our dedicated website for this product at for more details on this programme.

Act Now Clients

Here is a small sample of some of the recent projects delivered by Mick Rock to a variety of Act Now clients and the reviews and feedback received from the clients involved.

Review of Mick Rock, Act Now Training Programme - AONEmpowering Beliefs and Skills of Resilience

This half-day session was delivered to the Treasury Analyst team of AON. It focused on creating empowering attitudes and beliefs for greater happiness and success and providing tools of resilience which can be invaluable in dealing with challenges that any staff member can experience in the work or home environment.

Mick Rock’s presentation was highly motivational and involved discussing several diverse situations where we could take the best approach for our work and personal lives The presentation was very clear and we were given great examples to assist us in learning different motivational skills and techniques. Mick had a wonderful rapport with the audience. Thank you so much for a very engaging presentation.

Freydee Karina Rondon, Senior Treasury Analyst, Aon

Review of Mick Rock, Act Now Training Programme and Seminar - AIBWinning Attitudes and Beliefs Seminar

This two-hour seminar was incorporated into a one-day planning session for 50 key staff providing Shared Services within this important financial institution. The seminar focused on transforming the way these staff think about the challenges we all face and gave them the tools and techniques to help them enhance their business success and personal happiness in the future.

Mick Rock presented an empowerment session to circa 50 staff in AIB. Over 80% of staff agreed it was the best session of the day. To sum up the feedback we received in five words; the session was described as Informative, Interesting, Energetic, Beneficial and Motivating. We look forward to working with Mick again in the future”.

Selene Conway, Internal Communications Co-ordinator, Allied Irish Banks

Review of Mick Rock, Act Now Training and Coaching - Our Lady's HospiceBe the Best You Can Be

Last year we introduced our “Be the Best You Can Be” programme to the staff of Our Lady’s Hospice who do such extraordinary and challenging work each day. There were 5 modules in the original programme including how to create empowering self-beliefs, building resilience, creating hope and optimism, developing and strengthening relationships and how to generate more positive emotions.

This year we rolled out part two of the programme with 5 brand new modules including topics such as how to identify and find the time to achieve your true life and business goals, and using your signature strengths to maximise your effectiveness and enhance your well-being.

For over two years Mick Rock from Act Now has provided a variety of services in Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services ranging from one on one coaching sessions, programmes for enhancing staff wellbeing & success and team building/resilience training. We have found Mick’s services to be extremely beneficial, engaging and motivating for our staff. Staff have commented on the positive benefits these programmes have had both personally and professionally. Mick has the perfect balance of personability and professionalism which has made the experience all the more enjoyable.

Deirdre Congdon, HR Executive, Our Lady’s Hospice

Review of Mick Rock, Act Now Seminar - ActavoGrow Your Career

This lunchtime session was requested as part of the Careers Month held in Actavo. It focused on how to develop winning attitudes and, in particular, on empowering people to take control of their own development.

Mick Rock is a very engaging speaker who believes passionately in the power of positive beliefs, and this comes across strongly in his presentation. He delivered a lunchtime talk to our staff and even in that short time, the staff members got a huge amount from him in terms of practical tools that they could use in their lives. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any organisation looking to empower their employees to think more positively and to have greater belief in their own skills and abilities.

Eilis Murtagh, HR Partner, Actavo

Review of Mick Rock, Act Now Training - Ultan TechnologiesTime to Succeed

This half-day session focused on the particular challenges faced in identifying and prioritising the key tasks required to be completed.
These are the tasks that enable the company to continue its success in the software industry. Mick explained how you can work smarter and more effectively so that you can increase your life and business successes while reducing any stress experienced.

We are a very busy software company where everyone is expected to step up to the plate, sometimes without daily direction. Prioritisation of tasks is difficult for people sometimes. The next email or the next phone call or the next conversation can always seem more important and immediate than the real priorities for the day. Mick Rock of Act Now held a very enjoyable morning session in our organisation and took us through some very useful tools that we have been using since to help us with this. People seem less stressed out – which is exactly the result we were hoping for.

Cathal Brady, CEO, Ultan Technologies

Review of Mick Rock, Act Now Training Programme - SMA Nutrition NestleEmpowering Beliefs and Skills of Resilience

This motivational one hour talk was delivered at Nestle’s quarterly review session. They were looking for a motivational speaker to help the team deal with the challenges they face and to build on the very significant progress the organisation has made in recent times.

Mick Rock from Act Now delivered an insightful workshop for our team in April 2016. The session was well structured and provided practical advice to dealing with personal and professional challenges. The learning from the session can equally be applied in a personal and professional setting and Mick provides key insight into enhancing levels of happiness and well-being and how they can enhance the level of success you can achieve. His passion for the subject comes across strongly and makes for a very enjoyable and informative session

Alan Downey, General Manager, Nestle Nutrition

Review of Mick Rock, Act Now Training Programme - Educate TogetherPositive Education Research Project

We are currently completing a research project in Donabate Portrane Educate Together to explore the benefits of teaching positive psychology interventions to a group of third and sixth class students. The results of the study will be published shortly and will be available on this website.

Dear Mick, your session with our teaching staff as part of our fortnight focusing on Positive Mental Health was invaluable. The chat in our staff-room the next day bore testimony to the fact that you had given us food for thought, with good humour, energy and an empowering perspective on how we can learn to take charge of our busy lives! I loved the no nonsense phrases you used. It all makes sense, but your ability to make the psychology “user friendly” means that your impact on a group is lasting. Thanks Mick, the more audiences you reach the better for our collective well being!

Ann Marie Leonard, Teacher, Donabate Portrane Educate Together

Review of Mick Rock, Act Now Training Programme and Seminars - DCU Ryan Academy5 Golden Rules for Business Success

Mick Rock shared the secrets of highly successful people with a group of social entrepreneurs in a recent session organised by the DCU Ryan Academy. He explained his 5 golden rules for business success. These rules are both simple to understand and easy to implement and yet can literally transform the results you achieve.

Mick, the “5 Golden Rules for Creating Business Success” seminar – what can I say, I’m buzzing! This seminar is a must for Business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. These 5 Golden Rules are evident in every successful business out there. They are 5 rules which have given me clarity when trying to really understand how successful business survives and triumphs! I’ve already start putting my seminar notes into practice and, let me tell you, I feel you’ve saved me more time and energy in more ways than one! I can focus on whats important in my own business mastery!

Craig Clarke, Seminar Participant


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