Be the Best

Would you like your employees to be the best you can be? This training programme consists of up to 10 distinct modules that can enhance the effectiveness, well-being and success of each participant. Each programme can be tailored depending on the needs of the organisation. Companies offering the programme to their employees can decide which combination of modules they would like to provide to their employees.

The programme can be delivered as a one or two day programme or as a weekly programme with one or two modules delivered each week if preferred. This approach often offers the maximum benefit to participants who get an opportunity to implement the various tools and techniques covered on the programme and to give feedback on their progress.
The main modules available on the programme are set out below.

Empowering Self-Beliefs

The beliefs we hold have a very powerful impact on our personal happiness and on whether we achieve our true potential. The session looks are what beliefs are, the origin of our beliefs and their impact on our happiness and success. We also look at examples of common limiting beliefs and how we can develop empowering beliefs

Building Resilience

Resilience is effective coping despite significant challenges or adversity in one’s personal and/or work life. The session looks at the role our language plays in how we deal with challenging situations, how to develop greater persistence and understanding the concept of “Learned Helplessness”. It also explains how we have the power to choose our response to adversity and the ABCD model for dealing with adversity.

Developing Optimism

People with an “Optimistic Explanatory Style” achieve greater happiness and success and experience a lot less stress in their lives.
The session looks at the benefits of optimism as well as its dangers. The “Optimistic Explanatory Style” is explained and the session shows how we can develop “Flexible Optimism”.

Invest in Relationships

Relationships are key to success and play an important role in multiplying our emotional, intellectual and physical resources
The session looks at the importance of relationships. It also covers a variety of ways we can promote positive relationships in our lives such as building trust, expressing gratitude, active constructive responding (when others share good news) and acts of kindness.

Positive Emotions

Positive emotions not only make us happier but also enable us to broaden our minds and build physical and mental resources. This session looks at the role of both positive and negative emotions. It explores the different types of positive emotions and the different ways to generate positive emotions. It also explains the impact of our “Positivity Ratio” on our happiness and well-being.

Identifying and Achieving Key Goals

This session looks at how we can identify the “right” goals for us based on our needs and values before exploring how we can maximise our chances of achieving these goals.It looks at how to build the confidence required to take action and how to develop a “Can do” attitude. It also covers the role of willpower, how to tap into your inner resources and also finding the time to achieve the success we desire.

Time to Succeed

This session explores how we can create the time to achieve our goals and to enhance our well-being by increasing our effectiveness and by improving the way we prioritise the key tasks in our lives. It shows how “lack of time” creates stress in our lives and how we can create time to achieve our goals by focusing on what is important and saying no to time wasters. It also offers a number of simple tools that can significantly increase our effectiveness and enable us to get more done in less time.

Positive Relationships

This session builds on the earlier session on relationships. Its objective is to enable participants to enhance the relationships they have with their colleagues, family and friends. In addition, it is designed to help them deal more effectively with conflicts that may arise.

Signature Strengths

We all have different strengths. It has been found that understanding what our key character strengths are and then using these strengths in different ways can significantly enhance our effectiveness as well as our well-being. This session explains the concept of “Strengths” and the role strengths play in achieving higher levels of success and well-being. It looks at ways of identifying our own strengths and how to use these strengths in different ways.

Positive Life Stages

The objective is to help us think positively about each stage of our lives and to tap into our potential to increase our happiness, success and even our energy levels, no matter what age we are. The session initially looks at our current attitude to the ageing process and the role of our mindset in how we feel as we grow older. The session considers role models that can inspire us. It also looks at factors that predict healthy ageing and how we can take control by implementing actions now to achieve a happy and healthy future.

For over two years Mick Rock from Act Now has provided a variety of services in Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services ranging from one on one coaching sessions, programmes for enhancing staff wellbeing & success and team building/resilience training. We have found Mick’s services to be extremely beneficial, engaging and motivating for our staff. Staff have commented on the positive benefits these programmes have had both personally and professionally. Mick has the perfect balance of personability and professionalism which has made the experience all the more enjoyable.

Deirdre Congdon, HR Executive, Our Lady’s Hospice

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