Mental Health Week

World Mental Health Day takes place on Thursday 10th of October 2019. Mental Health Ireland will be celebrating Mental Health Week from the 7th – 13th October.

This week is a great opportunity for employers to highlight the importance of employees’ mental health and to support them by organising activities and events that help them in this key area. Mick Rock will be presenting talks to different groups throughout this week. If you are interested in inviting Mick to talk to your employees during Mental Health Week please contact us at We can discuss your needs and design a session tailored to your employees. Some of the topics Mick normally covers include the following:

Building Resilience

Resilience is effective coping despite significant challenges or adversity in one’s personal and/or work life. Mick looks at the role our language plays in how we deal with challenging situations, how to develop greater persistence and understanding the concept of “Learned Helplessness”. He also explains how we have the power to choose our response to adversity and the ABCD model for dealing with adversity.

Empowering Self-Beliefs

The beliefs we hold have a very powerful impact on our personal happiness and on whether we achieve our true potential. Mick explains what beliefs are, the origin of our beliefs and their impact on our happiness and success. He explores examples of common limiting beliefs and how we can develop empowering beliefs

Developing Optimism

People with an “Optimistic Explanatory Style” achieve greater happiness and success and experience a lot less stress in their lives.
Mick discusses the benefits of optimism as well as its dangers. The “Optimistic Explanatory Style” is explained and he shows how we can develop “Flexible Optimism”.

Investing in Relationships

Relationships are key to happiness and success. Mick highlights the importance of relationships. He covers a variety of ways we can promote positive relationships in our lives such as building trust, expressing gratitude, active constructive responding (when others share good news) and acts of kindness. Being able to enhance the relationships you have with your colleagues, family and friends can significantly enhance your happiness and mental well-being.

Positive Emotions

Positive emotions not only make us happier but also enable us to broaden our minds and build physical and mental resources. Mick looks at the role of both positive and negative emotions. He explores the different types of positive emotions and the different ways to generate positive emotions. He also explains the impact of our “Positivity Ratio” on our happiness and well-being.

Signature Strengths

We all have different strengths. It has been found that understanding what our key character strengths are and then using these strengths in different ways can significantly enhance our effectiveness as well as our well-being. Mick explains the concept of “Strengths” and the role strengths play in achieving higher levels of success and well-being. It looks at ways of identifying our own strengths and how to use these strengths in different ways.

Positive Life Stages

The objective is to help us think positively about each stage of our lives and to tap into our potential to increase our happiness, success and even our energy levels, no matter what age we are. Mick initially explores our current attitude to the ageing process and the role of our mindset in how we feel as we grow older. He considers role models that can inspire us. He also looks at factors that predict healthy ageing and how we can take control by implementing actions now to achieve a happy and healthy future.

Mick Rock presented an empowerment session to 50 AIB staff. Over 80% agreed it was the best session of the day. To sum up the feedback we received in five words; the session was described as Informative, Interesting, Energetic, Beneficial and Motivating. We look forward to working with Mick again in the future.

Selene Conway
Internal Communications Co-ordinator
Allied Irish Banks

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