Training Programmes

Act Now offers a range of high quality training programmes to organisations which can provide employees with a range of skills that will enhance their effectiveness considerably in both their home and work life or can focus on their happiness, health and well-being.

Our training programmes, which are usually run on an in-house basis, are highly practical and interactive to ensure participants both enjoy the experience and benefit considerably by implementing the various tools and techniques in the future. Each programme is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.  Some of the most common topics covered in our training programmes are shown below:

Be the Best
Would you like to be the best you can be? This training programme consists of up to 10 distinct modules
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Time to Succeed
This programme enables participants to significantly increase their own personal effectiveness through better management of their priorities and by implementing
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Coaching Skills
This training programme provides participants with an understanding of the power and benefits of adopting a coaching style of management.
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Positive Relationships
This programme looks at how to build and maintain quality relationships with family, friends and colleagues/clients and to avoid or
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Presenting With Confidence
Gives participants the tools and skills to create impressive presentations that inform, persuade, and inspire. The programme is highly interactive
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Positive Psychology
A one day workshop offering a range of positive psychology interventions to promote well-being and enhance success. Positive Psychology is
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Here is a short video testimonial from Michael Hegarty from the Institute of Technology who employed Mick to deliver a session to a group of his 4th year students.