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Video Testimonials

We have received many written testimonials in the past. We are now added video testimonials to help you get a more personal understanding of how people feel about the services we offer. Thanks to all our clients below for their very kind words. We will be shortly uploading more video testimonials to this page.

I met Mick Rock at a motivational talk at the beginning of my new course. From that day my life transformed big time. I wake up feeling fantastic, my relationship with my daughter is amazing and I changed my belief about setting up my own business. Thank you Mick.
Joanna Orlinska
Attendee – Motivational Talk

I think Mick is a fantastic motivational speaker. He highlights the impact that our thinking and our language can have on our self belief. He gives us the tools to counteract negativity. You can’t but get it. I would highly recommend Mick to anyone to use as a motivational speaker.
Philomena McCabe
Attendee – Motivational Talk

I was blown away by Mick’s Winning Attitudes and Beliefs session. I then got him to speak to 4th year students in I.T.B. and I have never received such positive feedback regarding any guest speaker. You could feel the energy in the room. Mick has a unique way with people. People listen to him and get motivated by him so easily and he makes it look so easy. I have the highest recommendation for Mick and his work.
Michael Hegarty
Lecturer – Institute of Technology Blanchardstown

I first engaged Mick Rock as my executive coach 10 years ago. As an entrepreneur and a businesswoman I have found him exceptional in terms of helping me to get unstuck, to get clear and to make my big vision a reality. He is a force to be reckoned with and I am so grateful to have found him as my coach.
Fiona Fay, Entrepreneur