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Time Management

About the Programme
This programme provides participants with a framework for increasing their own personal effectiveness through better management of their priorities. It helps people to become clear on their goals and to ensure that theses goals are achieved on schedule. It also demonstrates how a more appropriate work/life balance can be achieved by developing a habit of focusing on what is important.

Course Benefits
At the end of the programme participants will

  • Know how to set effective work/life goals.
  • Recognise their key priorities and have a plan to achieve these.
  • Know how to distinguish between urgent and important tasks and have a strategy for recognising and completing important tasks.
  • Be more organised, focused and have the ability to prioritise workloads more effectively in future.
  • Know how to eliminate or considerably reduce stress in their lives.
  • Have an action plan to implement the key learning achieved and to achieve greater work/life balance in the future.

Who should attend?
Anybody who wants to increase their personal effectiveness, reduce stress and become more successful in achieving both their work and life goals.

This is a 1 day programme that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client.

Your Time Management session has proved transformational and extremely liberating in my life. I find that the really important things in my life are getting done and I am a lot happier and less stressful now.

In addition to the material which was excellent throughout your course, I found your enthusiasm and passion for what you teach made the information easy to remember and fun to learn. You are a gifted speaker with a heart for people. Many thanks for a very enjoyable, informative and above all else, life changing course.
Paul Cahill
Course Participant