Act Now: Achieve through Coaching & Training


Act Now provides a range of high quality personal development programmes which are usually run on an in-house basis. In particular we specialise in programmes that develop each participant’s personal and inter-personal skills.

Each programme is highly practical and inter-active with a strong emphasis on ensuring transfer of skills to the workplace. Our courses can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

The main programmes we offer are listed below. Click on the name of any of these programmes for further details.

Assertiveness Training

AssertivenessThe ability to express ourselves with confidence and to be able to stand up and be recognised is vital to successfully achieve personal and business goals. This programme provides you with the tools and techniques to communicate confidently and to effectively influence others. Click here for further details.

Coaching Skills

This programme provides participants with an understanding of the power and benefits of using coaching techniques. Participants will have an opportunity to assess and improve their current coaching skills and to apply them in a number of practical exercises. Click here for further details.

Dynamic Customer Care

The aim of this programme is help participants understand the vital importance of excellent customer service in helping to get and retain customers. It is a very practical programme whereby participants use the knowledge gained to identify improvements they can implement when they return to their company. Click here for further details.

Presenting With Confidence

The aim of this programme is to provide participants with the tools and skills to create impressive presentations that inform, persuade, and inspire. The programme is highly interactive and includes individual presentations with feedback from instructors and other course participants. Click here for further details.

Quality Relationships

This programme looks at how to build and maintain strong relationships with family, friends and colleagues/clients. It also helps you to avoid or resolve conflicts. Click here for further details.

Time Management

This programme provides participants with a framework for increasing their own personal effectiveness through better management of their priorities. It helps people to become clear on their goals and to ensure that theses goals are achieved on schedule.

It also demonstrates how a more appropriate work/life balance can be achieved by developing a habit of focusing on what is important. Click here for further details.

Each course can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

“To sum up your course I would have to say it was only “fantastic”. Mick’s outgoing personality and relaxed way of teaching made me feel at ease from day one. The positive waves coming from the content of all the sessions, was not only inspirational , but it was so practical that I could actually use the tips and advice in my day to day life, both in a work situation and in my home and social life. I would recommend this course for anyone from 18 to 80 years old.

Well done Mick and keep up the wonderful work you are doing. You are fantastic.”

Derek Farrell
Course Participant

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