Winning Attitudes and Beliefs

Our beliefs have a very powerful impact on how we feel, the actions we take and the happiness and success we achieve in both life and business. In this session, Mick explores the origin of our beliefs and the role they play in our lives each day. He looks at common limiting beliefs that prevent people from achieving their true potential. He also introduces a variety of tools and positive psychology interventions that can transform the way people think and feel about themselves and the challenges they face.

Although the session is tailored for each group the main topics included are as follows:

  • Limiting and empowering self-beliefs and the impact that they have
  • Growth v Fixed Mindsets
  • How to change our habits of focus and the impact on our self-beliefs
  • How to “act as if” to get more of what you want
  • Dealing more confidently and effectively with challenges that arise
  • What is “Self Efficacy” and how to build it to enhance well-being and achieve success

The ultimate objective is to help participants to effectively enhance their confidence and self-efficacy and to increase their well-being and success. Research has also shown that developing empowering self-beliefs can lead to a wide range of other benefits such as more positive relationships in your lives. They can motivate and encourage individuals to take action, to persevere and to deal positively with failure.