Resilience and Managing Stress

Developing resilience and managing stress are key elements in positive mental health and well-being. All of us will encounter setbacks, failures and disappointments in life at some stage. Emotional resilience is being able to bounce back or recover from the various challenges that we face no matter how difficult they may appear at first.

Resilience is a skill which can be developed, rather than a specific inbuilt disposition. Although we may start off with different levels of resilience we can enhance these levels significantly through skill development and practise, and therefore learn to become more resilient.

The session can be tailored for each group. Some of the main topics covered are as follows:

  • The role our language plays in how we deal with challenging situations
  • How to develop greater persistence
  • Understanding the concept of “Learned Helplessness”
  • The power to choose our response to adversity
  • The ABCD model for dealing with adversity