Motivational Talks

Mick Rock is a passionate, prize-winning speaker, trainer and personal coach. He has helped hundreds of people to enhance their well-being, set up their own businesses, obtain greater work-life balance and achieve success in a wide variety of other goals. Mick is the co-author of a new positive mental health programme for Primary schools called Weaving Well-Being. He has an MSc. in Applied Positive Psychology and many of his talks are grounded in evidence-based interventions from this field. His sessions are customised for each group. Some of his most popular topics include “Empowering Self-beliefs”, “Building Resilience”, “Positive Relationships” and “Positive Psychology For Life”.

Mick’s talks are always thought-provoking, lively and entertaining. He knows how to fully engage his audiences to ensure they thoroughly enjoy the session and understand the key learning points that, when implemented, can transform their lives. A brief description of his most popular topics is set out below.

Winning Attitudes and Beliefs
Our beliefs have a very powerful impact on how we feel, the actions we take and the happiness and success
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Resilience and Managing Stress
Developing resilience and managing stress are key elements in positive mental health and well-being. All of us will encounter setbacks,
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5 Golden Rules for Business Success
Some people achieve phenomenal success in business while many equally talented, hard-working people, achieve mediocre results. Mick shares the secrets
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Positive Psychology for Life
Positive Psychology is the science of well-being. This session introduces participants to a range of evidence-based positive psychology interventions that
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Here is a short video testimonial from Joanna Orlinska, who attended one of Mick’s motivational talks delivered in the DCU Ryan Academy.

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