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Motivational Talks

Our leading Coach and Trainer Mick Rock delivers motivational speeches to groups and organisations on a range of Personal Development Topics. Our most popular session is called “Winning Attitudes and Beliefs for Success”. This session transforms the way people think about the challenges they currently face and helps them achieve greater happiness and success in both their home and work lives.

Mick is a dynamic prize winning speaker who has inspired audiences of all shape and sizes. His sessions are always thought provoking, lively and highly entertaining. He knows how to fully engage his audiences to ensure they thoroughly enjoy his sessions and understand the key learning points that, when implemented, will transform their lives. He is extremely passionate about his role in helping people achieve success in life and business. As a qualified Executive and Life Coach and a Motivational Speaker he has helped hundreds of people to set up their own businesses, obtain greater work life balance and achieve a wide variety of goals.

And with over 20 years business experience, he understands the increasing challenges that people in business face. Some of the Topics Mick speaks are shown below.

Winning Attitudes and Beliefs

Our “Winning Attitudes and Beliefs” session transforms the way people think and feel about the challenges they face. In this programme we provide the tools and techniques that will that will help people to actually increase their business success and personal happiness no matter what their current circumstances are.
Although the solutions we offer are important in any circumstances many of them have become particularly relevant in the current climate. Click here for more details.

5 Golden Rules for Business Success

Have you ever wondered why some people setting up a business achieve phenomenal success while other, equally talented and hard-working people, often achieve mediocre results. In this seminar Mick Rock reveals how the dynamic success achieved by some people in business is often created by a change of approach in a few important areas.

He will share the secrets of highly successful people and explain the 5 golden rules for success. These rules are both easy to understand and simple to implement but can quite simply transform the results that you achieve in the future. Click here for more details.

Time to Succeed

People have never had to work harder to create successes in their business and personal lives. And yet working for 70 or 80 hours a week does not guarantee success. In fact it often leads to great personal unhappiness which cannot be described as real success. In this session Mick explains how you can work smarter and more effectively so that you can actually increase your life and business successes while significantly reducing the hours you work.

Some of the topics covered include the importance of planning and goal setting, how to prioritise the work you do to maximise results and minimise your workload and Mick’s top, easy to implement, tips that can quickly transform your productivity and therefore free up the time to focus on your key life and business goals.

Building Resilience

Resilience1This session helps you understand how to cope more effectively from any adversities you may experience in your personal or work life. We show you how you can bounce back quickly from these adversities using a range of positive psychology techniques.

The session includes topics such as the role our language plays in the way we feel, choosing our response to adversity, developing persistence and how to overcome the challenge of “learned helplessness”

Mick, the “5 Golden Rules for Creating Business Success” seminar – what can I say, I’m buzzing! This seminar is a must for Business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs alike. These 5 Golden Rules are evident in every successful business out there. They are 5 rules which have given me clarity when trying to really understand how successful business survives and triumphs! I’ve already start putting my seminar notes into practice and, let me tell you, I feel you’ve saved me more time and energy in more ways than one! I can focus on whats important in my own business mastery!
Thank you, and I wish you every success!”
Craig Clarke

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